We at Shri Sai PhosChem continuously strive to deliver client satisfaction, through consulting solutions on equipment, manufacturing, installation and operation services for “Phosphoric  and Sulfuric acid plants and allied products”

Seasoned professional having 40 plus years experience on Phosphoric and Sulfuric acid plant and technologies. His experience covers, turning a 200 million US Dollar company into a profit center.

International work experience in United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Dubai, Jordan, Tunisia etc. for various project related jobs.
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  • Ex. Technical committee member on Arab Fertilizer Association
  • Ex. Lions club President.
  • Ex. Executive member of Roha Industries Association
  • Ex. Executive member of Roha CETP
  • 3TP training at IIM, Ahmedabad

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Assured services of International Standards.

Efficient in converting complex issues into profit centers.

Core competency


Sulfuric acid and Phosphoric acid, fluorine products - Design, erection, commissioning, operation with out of box solutions on troubled areas. 

Phosphoric acid plant streamlining, Energy recovery in Sulfuric acid plant, solutions on MAP DAP, STPP, SSP, TSP plants and rock beneficiation.

Membership and recognition

Global solutions on equipment, installation,

manufacturing,operations & commissioning  services for various chemicals, related to Phosphoric and Sulfuric acid plants.

Business Solutions

  • Fluorine Scrubbing System for SSP and Phos acid
  • Dry disposal of phospogypsum from phosphoric acid (hemihydrate) plant.
  • IJC experience on revamping of Sulfuric  acid and Phosphoric acid plant.

"Global services on Phosphoric,Sulfuric acid and allied products."